viernes, 9 de mayo de 2008

How to talk with one deaf person?

Talking with one deaf person
Do not forget: the deaf person or hear him or hear
Many deaf people do not understand rather than reading their lips:
Do not you ever talk that he could without looking. We need to call your attention with a sign before speaking.
In a way, a conference, etc.., Take care that the deaf person is well placed. In class, children deaf or with some difficulty hearing must be located in the front row.
Position yourself so that your face is in full light.
Do not keep a cigarette, a pipe, etc.. in their lips or put a hand in front of the mouth.
Go to your height (in the case of a child, a fortiori).
Vocalice well, but without exaggeration and without shouting.
Do not talk fast.
A deaf person leading hearing aid is not as a listener:
The hearing aid is aid.
An understanding of language requires a process of rehabilitation.
The lip reading is a necessary complement to the deaf person deep.
Continuing a conversation represents a huge effort for the deaf person:
"Place" briefly the subject of the conversation to capture the interlecutor.
(Examples: "tomorrow", "Work", "your salary", "your children", "holiday", etc. ...).
A deaf person is still hardly a conversation group. You can help respecting shifts…
In large groups, public spaces and so on. need the help of an interpreter.
Often, the deaf person lacks vocabulary, does not know all the turns of phrase and does not recognize all the words:
Build short sentences, correct and simple.
He does not talk so rudimentary or slang.
If you do not understand, repítaselo. If it is necessary to look for another word that has as nearly as possible the same direction or the other way to the sentence.
If it is necessary to help communication with a gesture or a written word.
The deaf person may feel isolated among the listeners.
Think about this when it finds. Dedíquele a little of your attention.
Put yourself in their place
Let take part in life informing him of what happens or is said around you.